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Miracle-Working God – Gospel Campaign Night 3

The miracle that touched my heart the most was of a man who wasn’t able to bend his knees to even sit down. He was only able to stand or lay! His knees wouldn’t bend! When I called out for knee pain to go…

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FIELD UPDATE - A Story Like The Book Of Acts - Gospel Campaign Final Night

The final night of this Gospel campaign has been completed with wonderful stories to tell. When I texted my family about one of the stories in particular, my mom responded that it was like a modern-day story out of the book of Acts. She was right!


As I was nearing the end of my Gospel message, the Holy Spirit was prompting hearts to turn to Jesus. I was telling a final story before asking people to respond. Then at the very back of the tent, someone entered who seemed to be very important. They had a police and security escort as they marched down the center aisle. I continued preaching, but everyone noticed their entrance. They marched right up on to the platform. 

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FIELD UPDATE - HOLY MOMENTS - Gospel Campaign Night 2

During the evening campaign service, I preached the Gospel, leaving no question that Jesus is the only way unto salvation. Over 95% of the people responded with a YES TO JESUS!
Following the response to salvation, another wave of spontaneous worship erupted. I was about to pray for the sick, but I again put the mic down - for over 20 minutes the people offered their worship as a sweet fragrance to the Lord, unprompted.

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I write to you with excitement in my heart. Tonight, was the first night of the Gospel campaign taking place near the Middle East. Multiple thousands of people gathered despite the risks associated with this region.

Less than 24 hours before the campaign began, our permits were pulled at the scheduled campaign site due to a heavy smog and heavy fog in the region. Accidents were taking place on the roads, and the officials in the region decided to pull the permits. Our team rushed to come up with an alternate plan while our intercessors called upon the Lord. Hundreds of intercessors rose to the call-to-pray. GOD ANSWERED YOU PRAYERS!

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