FIELD UPDATE - A Story Like The Book Of Acts - Gospel Campaign Final Night

The final night of this Gospel campaign has been completed with wonderful stories to tell. When I texted my family about one of the stories in particular, my mom responded that it was like a modern-day story out of the book of Acts. She was right!

As I was nearing the end of my Gospel message, the Holy Spirit was prompting hearts to turn to Jesus. I was telling a final story before asking people to respond. Then at the very back of the tent, someone entered who seemed to be very important. They had a police and security escort as they marched down the center aisle. I continued preaching, but everyone noticed their entrance. They marched right up on to the platform.

I figured that I better give the altar call before whoever had come, did what they were going to do. Nearly all of the people stood to their feet to accept Jesus, including the dignitary who had entered. It turns out, that it was the chief of police! The man gave his life to Jesus along with the many others. Since nobody had stopped me, I continued on.

I then prayed for a mass Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Thousands of people then received the Holy Spirit, including the chief of police himself! What could have turned out to be a very different situation for me, turned into a modern-day story out of the book of Acts! THANK YOU JESUS!

There were many other stories as well:

·      A teenage girl came to testify that when she was younger she’d been poked in the eye with a needle. The doctors had told her she would never see out of her left eye again. Over a decade has passed. During the prayer, she gave her life to Jesus. I then called out for blind eyes to open. She said that immediately she received her sight in the left eye! She demonstrated her healing to the delight of all in attendance.

·      One woman had a demon that would constrict her throat every time she would try to call on Jesus. I called out for every demon of fear and terror to flee in Jesus name. At that moment, she said she screamed out Jesus and received freedom!

·      One woman came with a terrible fever with aches all over her body. She said she came because she heard this was a place where someone could heal her. She gave her life to Jesus. I then called out for someone that was aching all over their body. She said that at that moment all of the aches left and her fever disappeared. She was so happy.

·      Several people in each of these categories received healing: knee pain, people unable to lift their arma above their head, headaches, breathing issues, and back pain.

·      One teenage girl had swelling on one hand reduce in front of her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She showed that both of her hands were now normal size.

·      A woman had a large protruding stomach caused by a disease for many years. She was always very uncomfortable. During the prayer, I said that every stomach problem must go in Jesus name. At that moment, she felt her stomach get really hot and shrink. She went home to her family who all couldn’t believe what had happened. She came back tonight to testify.

·      There were so many others as well. To God be the glory!

I had also asked you to pray against the fog earlier in the week that was causing so many issues. God answered the prayers by lifting it just enough to be able to get the permits. What I didn’t know, was that everywhere outside of the few kilometers surrounding the city, was still covered in the dense fog.  On our way to the field, I noticed that the fog seemed to be picking up again like it was when I had first arrived. After the service, we drove back to the place we were staying and we were unable to see more than 10 feet in front of us.

God withheld the fog from the city for the entire campaign. And literally the second it was finished, the fog returned. Thank you for praying friend! Thousands of eternities were changed because of this miracle!

I realize this is long, but I pray you are encouraged. I attribute all of this to those who have prayed and invested into this Gospel ministry. Jesus has heard you! It’s because of you that so many received freedom this week.

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler

P.S. I fly out to another country in Asia in the morning for a week of ministry. Please continue to pray for all those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior this week. God bless you!

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