26,720 Decisions To Follow Jesus near the Middle East

Over 30,000 people gathered over 4 days of meetings here.

Over 30,000 people gathered over 4 days of meetings here.

I have an exciting announcement from here in Asia! I’ve just heard from our team on the ground in a country near the Middle East where Jesus has done wonderful things in the region. Our team finished following up with the many new believers. I’m thrilled to announce that 26,720 people have made a first-time decision to follow Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

All of these new believers are being connected with local Pastors in the region so that the discipleship process can begin in their lives. Throughout the week we were able to train over 600 people at our Pastor/Leader conferences. Many of these leaders will receive the fruit of this campaign in their regions.

Please continue to pray for each of the new believers and for all of the leaders who will now disciple them. This truly is the greatest miracle of all – SALVATION!

Throughout the week thousands of people also claimed wonderful healings in their bodies. Everything from blind eyes seeing, deaf ears hearing, tumors vanishing, shoulder and back pain leaving, with much more than I can possibly write.

Please also pray for us in these ways:

 ·      For monthly financial partners to join us in becoming fully funded. We are 33% and are praying that God will bring in partners so that we can begin 2018 fully funded.

·      Pray for the Lord to bring us partner churches, people, and businesses for our next Gospel campaign in South Asia coming in April. For this campaign, we have a wonderful opportunity to invest  - $35,000. We’ll be preaching the Gospel in a very remote place.

·      Pray for the Lord to lead us into the right opportunities in 2018 as we continue to put together our outreach calendar for the year.

·      For wisdom as we pray about Gospel campaigns in 6 other countries where there is opportunity.

I’m also in the early stages of putting together our first team missions trip in the later part of 2018 or early to middle part of 2019. In this trip, you would be able to be a part of working with churches, schools, kids, and other ministry projects. You would also be able to attend a Gospel campaign in a foreign country. If you’d be interested in this opportunity, please send me an email and let me know. I’d love to gauge the interest level.  

Thanks for covering us in prayer! And blessings from Asia where God’s plans and purposes are being accomplished!

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler