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Caleb Wampler is a Missionary Evangelist who has a passionate desire to know Jesus and to advance His Kingdom into the earth. While growing up in a Pastor’s home, Caleb had several incredible encounters with the love of Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit. During his elementary, junior high, and high school years his life was marked by the starting of several prayer groups and bible studies, which ultimately led to an evangelistic outreach that took place on his high school campus in which hundreds of students heard the Gospel message. 

He entered into youth and young adult ministry for 6 years before meeting his future wife Harmonee, and graduating with a ministry degree from North Central University. Caleb married Harmonee in 2007 shortly after graduation. Caleb was licensed and ordained with the Assemblies of God before serving as Personal Assistant to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda of Christ for all Nations. The Wampler’s are now serving in full-time evangelistic ministry.

Caleb’s life has been marked by several supernatural encounters that began in his childhood, and continue to this present day. As these encounters have increased, there has been a grace to release impartation of a Kingdom lifestyle into those that are ministered to. The Wampler’s have echoed the prayer of Jesus, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” and are carriers of His Kingdom into the nations of the world. 

Caleb has witnessed incredible miracles and healings and has seen countless lives changed by the power of the Gospel from gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers to the mission fields of the earth. The Wampler’s minister through the preaching of the Gospel, teaching, and the laying on of hands in Gospel Crusades, conferences, impartation services, house meetings, and churches as the Lord has confirmed His Word through salvations, signs, wonders, healings, and miracles. The Wampler’s currently reside in the Orlando, FL area with their children Elisha, Eliana and Caden.