I praise the Lord for all He has done this week. Tonight’s service was another powerful reminder of how personal God’s touch is.

The morning began with the final 3 sessions of the Pastor/Leader conference. Throughout the week we were about to minister to around 600 Leaders who will now take the fire back into their churches. Please continue to pray for each of them.

In the evening campaign service, there was a remarkable HUNGER for Jesus. The miracle stories have been spreading throughout the area. The people came expectant that Jesus was going to do something in their lives as well.

I started preaching about the woman with the issue of bleeding found in Luke 8:43-48. I talked about the crowd of people and how she pressed through by faith to get to Jesus to receive her healing. Faith was rising as the scripture was declared. I then asked my local crusade director to preach a message on his heart. When we casted the nets of salvation, there was a tremendous response.

Thousands of people pressed forward to follow Jesus! After the prayer for the sick, many testimonies continued to pour in including those who claimed healing from breathing issues, knee issues, gall bladder stones, stomach pain, and back pain. Every person that was healed also gave their life to Jesus. There were even people that had been healed on the first and second nights of the campaign that came forward to testify of their healings.

During the 2nd night of the campaign, I felt prompted to share that someone in the crowd had crawled or limped their way to the service, and that because of their faith Jesus had healed them. A woman came to the platform to testify that she was the one! She gave her life to Jesus, and demonstrated her healing to the enjoyment of the people! God is so good!

There is still one night left of this Gospel campaign. Will you please take a moment and pray for God to do what only He can do? Please pray that thousands will find their way into the loving arms of Jesus. Please pray for miracles, healings, signs, and wonders. Please pray for every demonic curse to be broken. Please pray for all those who have stayed away out of fear, that God’s peace would guide them into the service tonight.

God bless you from South Asia! To read my full report from day 3 click here.

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler