FIELD UPDATE - HOLY MOMENTS - Gospel Campaign Night 2

A wonderful 2nd day is complete here at this Gospel campaign near the Middle East. What a day it was! Jesus is truly winning this region by the power of His love!
The day started with three more sessions at our Pastor/Leader conference. What happened was truly amazing. 200 more leaders gathered. In the middle of the message, the Holy Spirit decided he was going to take the platform and speak Himself. I set the mic down, and a spontaneous eruption of worship began to pour out of the people to the Lord. After the conclusion of the sessions, we laid hand on every leader for a time of impartation.
When we got into the car to leave, the stories began to pour in from the local leaders. Nobody had told me that nearly all of the leaders were from Presbyterian churches at this particular location. This was something they had never seen before, but they embraced it as the Holy Spirit began to manifest despite the conservative backgrounds. This was a HOLY MOMENT.
During the evening campaign service, I preached the Gospel, leaving no question that Jesus is the only way unto salvation. Over 95% of the people responded with a YES TO JESUS!
Following the response to salvation, another wave of spontaneous worship erupted. I was about to pray for the sick, but I again put the mic down - for over 20 minutes the people offered their worship as a sweet fragrance to the Lord, unprompted. 
What makes this even more incredible is that just moments before giving their lives to Jesus, nearly all of the people were part of another belief system in which Jesus is only seen as a good man. The contrast of BEFORE Jesus to AFTER Jesus couldn’t have been more apparent. 
This truly was another HOLY MOMENT! After praying for the sick, wonderful testimonies were given from the platform.

  • A young girl that couldn’t lift her arm above her chest was able to lift her arm all the way up for the first time in many years.
  • A woman was healed of hip, shoulder, and back pain caused by a fall a few years ago.
  • Multiple people said they had very bad heart problems with breathing issues who all found their healing (this was being aggravated by the smog in the area – yet Jesus touched each one).
  • A young boy had a hole in his heart, he said that he felt something reach into his heart and the pain stopped. The father escorted him up to testify as his son was always in pain, yet for the first time in many years the boy said he wasn’t in pain.  
  • With many more testimonies! 

Please pray for angelic protection, and for the peace of the Holy Spirit to flood the hearts of those coming to the meetings. I’ve been told that many hundreds of people have stayed outside of the tent listening out of fear for their lives. As I’ve said, the Gospel is being presented here with risk due to extremist activities.
We need your prayers!
Together in the Harvest,
Caleb Wampler

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