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Miracle-Working God – Gospel Campaign Night 3

The miracle that touched my heart the most was of a man who wasn’t able to bend his knees to even sit down. He was only able to stand or lay! His knees wouldn’t bend! When I called out for knee pain to go…

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“Who do you say that I AM?”

Many people preach about a Jesus that has been formed from their pre-conceived ideas. Many people speak of a limited Jesus based on our experiential knowledge of our finite lives. Many people KNOW that JESUS CAN do anything, but DON’T ACT AS IF HE WILL.


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The Person You Don't Like

The Roman soldiers, at the command of their governmental leaders, spiritual leaders, popular opinion, and sway of the culture beat the son of God to his near death. Many of us know the Gospel story, we’ve seen the Passion of the Christ, we’ve heard the Easter sermon, and we can tell it better than our local Pastor. Yet, we often miss the whole point of what put Jesus there on the cross in the first place.


It wasn’t any of those things that put Jesus on the cross. It was love for you that put Him there. It was love for me that put Him there. It was God’s love for humans that have often looked more like back-stabbing enemies than friends, that put Him there. I put Him there. I put Him there every time I hated an enemy instead of forgiving them.


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We are going to have the choice to choose if we will believe in what He says or in the doctor’s diagnosis. We are going to have to choose if we believe the cultures new dogma or to believe in His declarations. We are going to have to choose that He is able, when we are not.

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Are You Too Busy For God?

My friends, if you list the 100 most important priorities in your life on a piece of paper in order of their importance you would find a pretty exhaustive list. God cares about each of those 100 things on your list and He knows the better way of prioritizing them.

Only one thing is needed. Let’s take our priorities through His presence and see what’s still on our exhaustive lists in life. We’ll get a lot more done and be better off for it. What lasts through the fire, will be purified, and those things will remain.

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