The word AMAZING has been thrown around a lot. It can be used describing a piece of pizza, or a nice juicy steak. It can be thrown around to describe the masterpiece of a beautiful sunset, or used at the latest emoji or gif. Perhaps you’ve used it to describe a vacation spot, or Grandma’s special dish.

While the word AMAZING has lost some it’s original flair, the context of God being AMAZED at something is no small description.

To think of a God so big that the earth is His footstool, yet so intricate that he knows the number of hairs on your head is hard to comprehend. To think that this same God is outside of time and yet in it. To think that God was BEFORE the beginning, and will be AFTER the end of all things is confusing. His name is, “I AM.” To think that He just always IS. I’ve tried to find ways to describe it, but the truth is that I don’t get it myself. But one thing is certain. I find it AMAZING!

In Mark 6, Jesus (the son of God – fully God, yet fully man) enters into His hometown. The Bible is clear that Jesus could not do many miracles there. He goes so far as to say that a prophet is without honor in His hometown.

To the crowd there, they remembered Jesus and His childhood with all of the poopy diapers (if there even were diapers back then). They remembered little Jesus running around with all of the other Hebrew children playing games. They remembered ordering services from him at the local carpentry shop with his dad, Joseph. Surely this Jesus, who was now all grown up, couldn’t be anything special. He most certainly couldn’t be a miracle working man, because after all He was only the son of Mary and Joseph. Nothing good ever came from Nazareth after all.

In life we are going to have the choice every single day to have faith in the God of the universe or to place that trust in yourself.

We are going to have the choice to choose if we will believe in what He says or in the doctor’s diagnosis. We are going to have to choose if we believe the cultures new dogma or to believe in His declarations. We are going to have to choose that He is able, when we are not.

 In verse 6 it says, “And he (Jesus) was AMAZED at their unbelief.”

May the God of the universe never say these words about me. May I live my life in such a way that I will stake my life on the claim that if God is for me, who can be against me. May I walk in faith through impossible Goliaths, endangered dungeons, and dusty deserts. May He find me steadfast in the stormy surplus, and constant in life’s confusion. May I BELIEVE.


May He find my BELIEF in Him…AMAZING.


Evangelist Caleb Wampler


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