South Asia Gospel Campaign April 2018 - Day 2

Greetings from Asia! The Lord is moving in this region. THANK YOU for sending Kingdom Encounters International to minister here. 

WATCH a ONE-MINUTE recap of the night here:

During the morning Pastors Conference, Evangelist David Ursin, Joshua Smith, and myself ministered on the same subject without even planning it!We were amazed that the Lord had prompted all of our hearts in the same direction.We’re pretty sure that the Leaders understood what God was saying to them.

I was happy to give my good friend and cousin, Tim English, the opportunity to preach for a few minutes to kick off the ministry time at the evening gospel campaign. He preached a word on finding out who you really are through Jesus. 

Then, my friend and fellow Evangelist, David Ursin, preached a powerful message on the blood of Jesus, and over 100 people responded to the invitation! It’s been great ministering with David this week. 

I then came and ministered by praying for healing and miracles. Before I prayed, I made sure that everyone knew that we as the ministers were not healers. I made sure that everyone knew that only Jesus heals the sick! We then heard wonderful testimonies!

A woman was driven to the field and dropped off. Some people carried her to a seat. She had been dealing with chronic pain all over her body from head to toe! She was unable to walk without assistance.She said that during the prayer she felt “a touch from the Lord” and that when I asked for people to “test themselves for pain” after the prayer, she realized she wasn’t in pain. She gave her faith a try and started to walk without assistance! She said all of the pain left! She demonstrated her healing by walking on the platform! Hallelujah!

Someone else was also healed of shoulder pain. Somebody with a knee injury was healed. A woman with back pain testified of healing! Another young lady also said that her wrist injury received a supernatural healing! There were approximately 200 people that lifted their hands claiming a healing of some kind. Praise the Lord!

Your prayers are truly making a difference this week! Thank you for standing in the gap! 

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TOGETHER in the Harvest from South Asia,

Evangelist Caleb Wampler

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