The Holy Spirit is moving in great power here in this region! We’ve already ministered to over 7000 people in church and conference settings this week. 
I was honored by a pastor of the largest church in this country to minister in two of the services of a church that runs 50,000 active members in 28 services on an average week. In the service, there were notable miracles that took place. Over 400 people made decisions to follow Jesus! Check out the recap video here:
I then had the privilege to minister with Evangelist David Ursin in a two-day conference that took place in a different region. In this conference, we ministered to around 1000 people. What happened here, still brings me to tears. The Holy Spirit took control of the services, and you absolutely need to take four minutes and watch this moving videoWATCH HERE:
Josh Smith and Tim English (who put together the two videos), have been a tremendous blessing and addition to the ministry team this week. 
As we look forward to the Gospel campaign, please keep us in prayer. We have faced many obstacles, and have found that Jesus is being lifted high!Throughout the week we’ve heard miracles of:

  • A blind eye opening. 
  • A Tumor dissolving. 
  • Over 30 people healed of various shoulder issues. 
  • Many people delivered from very aggressive demons. 
  • Countless people healed of back pain issues. 
  • A woman with realigned hips. 
  • Multiple fevers that stopped instantaneously. 
  • A person of another religion being healed of knee pain. 
  • And so much more… 

This is only the beginning. The Gospel campaign is still to come. PLEASE CONTINUE TO INTERCEDE FOR US! 
As a side note, the gospel campaign reports may be delayed due to significant Wi-Fi issues. I'll release them as able!
Together in the Harvest from South Asia,
Evangelist Caleb Wampler