He Walked Among Us – South Asia Gospel Campaign Final Night

The final night has been completed in this Gospel campaign, and what a night it was! 

I gave Joshua Smith an opportunity to open the preaching, and he really set the tone for the evening with a powerful personal story that really touched the heart of the people. Tim English also told an amazing testimony as well before I took the platform and began preaching.

On the day before the service I had a vision from the Lord that I was supposed to go into the crowd while preaching. This was something I’d never seen done during a gospel campaign. Logistically this can be a nightmare due to the sound issues, feedback, and range from the mic receiver. Due to the religious extremism of the area, it’s also typically not safe to go into the crowd as you never know who may have plans to harm you. However, I knew what I had seen in the vision, and ultimately, we know that our protection comes from the Lord!

Shortly into the gospel message, I stepped into the crowd and began to walk among them while ministering. It was a very special moment. In this region, the “religious holy men” are considered to be untouchable and highly honored. By going into the crowd, I believe that it helped to show the personal nature of the ONE TRUE GOD! Many of the people would touch my ankles or reach out to grab my hand as I walked among them. I told of how God sent His only son Jesus to become a man and to be with the very people He created.

After the call for salvation, many people signified a decision to follow Jesus! Praise the Lord! This is why we come! But we weren’t done yet. I then handed the rest of the ministry time to Evangelist David Ursin who did a great teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He then prayed for healing and miracles, and many people received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! We also began to lay hands on every person who was still on the dusty fields.

This last story is very special to me. This week, we’ve had a driver with us to take us to and from the services. He is a Christian man, but had a terrible hip injury that forced him to limp very noticeably. I decided to share a vision at the Gospel campaign that the Lord gave me while here in Asia. It was about an angel coming down from heaven and pouring healing oil onto the field. It was amazing! I told the team, and we’ve definitely seen lots of healing this week. 

What made the vision even more cool was that driver was listening through the window of the car throughout the services. When I told the story, he said he felt a heat in his entire body. He then stood up and believed that God healed him. When he tried to walk, he realized his injury had went away! Hallelujah! He demonstrated his healing and said he had zero pain!

From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you! It’s not just a thank you for sending us here, but it’s a thank you on behalf of over the 1000 people who signified a decision to follow Jesus this week. 

Our next four campaigns are already in the planning processes. Two of them will be near the middle east (two different countries), while the other two will be in Colombia and Nicaragua. If you’d like to sow seed into the Harvest, you can do so right here! YOUR PARTNERSHIP HAS A DIRECT RESULT INTO THE UNREACHED HEARING THE SAVING MESSAGE OF JESUS!

I’ll write to you very soon with specified prayer needs, and ask that each of you takes the time to lift our team in prayer. 

It’s been amazing to me, witnessing what God has been able to do in the nations, despite our family only being at 45% of our monthly funding budget. I can only imagine what He could do, if that 45% turned to 100% and then 1000%.

I believe a BILLION people will come to Jesus. Friends, this is only the beginning!

Together in the Harvest from South Asia,

Evangelist Caleb Wampler

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