Colombia Gospel Campaign Report

I come to you with excitement from the Gospel Campaign in Colombia! Approximately 1,300 people attended the one-night crusade, with around 400 people signifying a decision to follow Jesus! The pastors were thrilled with the harvest here! We held the campaign in the specific suburb of Bucaramanga where the national witchcraft convention is held.

In the history of this city, no one has ever thought an outdoor outreach was even possible. It’s been a hub of witchcraft for decades and the spiritual warfare was very real. Your prayers really made the difference!

I was privileged to minister with my good friend and fellow Evangelist, Alejandro Arias. After I preached an extremely clear Gospel message, the people moved forward to the altars to give their lives to Jesus! Alejandro then began praying for the sick before wonderful miracles took place, including:

  • A man with a growth in his throat (thyroid cancer), was healed as the growth dissolved.

  • A young girl was healed of a birth defect in her spine. She had to bend over while walking for many years. Her spine straightened and she was able to walk straight. She was completely healed and had no pain.

  • Another teenage girl approached me asking for prayer for her neck. She hadn’t been able to turn her neck to the side without pain for about 3 months. She was healed on the spot!

  • And more…

I also ministered in a Pastors Conference, and other services as well. We heard wonderful testimonies from the believers in the region. The hunger for Jesus was stirred inside of them. There was a lot of prophetic ministry, healing, and deliverance ministry.
I now turn my eyes to South Asia, where I will be boarding a plane in 5 days. This campaign is projected to be the largest I’ve ever had the opportunity to minister in. The believers are praying 7 hours per day and are in the middle of a 40 day fast. In faith, the host church has purchased a larger parking lot, air conditioning units, and is prepared to add many services to accommodate the growth from the new believers that are sure to come.
Thank you for interceding for us in Colombia. Please continue to intercede now. Souls hang in the balance for eternity!
More to come soon!
Caleb and Harmonee Wampler

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Caleb Wampler