Asia Update - 500+ Salvations, 1,400+ Healings, 18,000+ People

Greetings from South Asia. I’ve just returned to my room following a day full of miracles! Evangelist Renae Pilsing and I ministered in 6 services to 18,000+ people. These services were predominantly geared to believers. With that said, there were still over 500 people that made a decision to follow Jesus! Hallelujah!

I recorded this quick video to give you a taste of the sights and sounds from Asia. Watch here!
You can also see many of the photos from today’s services below.
During the services, over 1,400+ people responded, saying they had been healed throughout the day. This was absolutely amazing! I’m not surprised that God healed this many people, but this amount was due to the number of people that needed healing. He loves people. Here is a sample of some of the stories:

  • A woman received hearing back to her deaf, left ear!

  • 3 people unable to walk for varying lengths of time were able to walk with no pain!

  • A woman with a tumor in her neck had it dissolve. She was ecstatic, rejoicing in the Lord!

  • I had a word of knowledge about someone who had been in a motorcycle accident and was dealing with the pain from that injury for many years. A man came up in response, having received healing at the time of the word of knowledge. All of his pain was completely gone for the first time in years!

  • A woman seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for over a decade, received her prayer language. There were many others who received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as well!

  • Multiple people possessed by demons received deliverance.

  • Multiple people were healed of breathing issues, digestive issues, ankle and knee pain, back pain, and so much more!

During the first service, the pastor had to stop taking testimonies because there was an overwhelming response. In the evening service, a holy moment followed. After a time of preaching and worship, I felt a shift in the hunger of the people. I told them to be still and wait upon the Lord in adoration. The Spirit of God swept into the room, and many were healed and set free without anyone praying for them. Many were weeping, dancing, and singing unscripted songs. Shouts of rejoicing echoed throughout the room as they received touches from the Lord.
We now turn our eyes to the unreached people of our Gospel campaign, which begins tomorrow. We are anticipating tens of thousands of lost people to hear the saving message of Jesus!
Please pray for health, the preaching of the Gospel with boldness, our entire ground team, for angels to surround us, for continued favor with local officials, for miracles, signs, wonders, healing, and demonic deliverances. Please also continue to lift up my family in prayer.
Rejoicing WITH You,
Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler