Monkeys, Miracles, and Ministry

What a day it was! Wow! The presence of the Lord was rich throughout. Today was the final day of the Pastors’ Conference. Hundreds of leaders gathered from all across Brazil, Peru, and Colombia today, as well as over the last couple of days.

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We prayed for an impartation for all of these precious leaders to be able to unify as the body of Christ in this city. There has been much division here in the last 15-20 years between leaders, denominations, and pastors in the church community. It had been approximately 10 years since anyone had done any type of gathering for pastors of this magnitude. Our host called what happened, “unprecedented.” He said we may never understand how much of an impact this event made in their community.

Our amazing team of 15 Americans poured their heart and soul into these leaders each day with prayer, testimonies, sermons, which many had been preparing for months, and a whole lot of love! It was amazing to watch God’s love break down barriers!

Hundreds of people have responded to the Gospel throughout the week, and these new believers will be discipled through the churches of each of these participating pastors.

As we prepared for this trip, we heard stories of pastors not having Bibles throughout the Amazonas region. There was also a very cool moment where our team was able to provide a study Bible to each of the pastors, as well as a case of Bibles to handout to their congregation. This is the type of thing we are able to do because of your generous support alongside of the gospel crusades! THANK YOU for investing and sowing to make this possible! There were some pastors who were even crying due to this. GOD is SO GOOD!

Our team was able to lead quite a few people to the Lord during the afternoon of street witnessing in Colombia. Mike Schoen and Dave Neiman, members of the team, were even able to pray with 3-4 people each to receive Jesus, using their powerful testimonies.

In the evening Gospel crusade, we had our biggest night yet, and the spiritual warfare was intense! There was heavy darkness all around with felt spirits of prostitution, seduction, perversion, homosexuality, and more. Without anyone asking the team, they all began to spread themselves out throughout the entire room, surrounding the people with powerful intercession. The evangelism team stood in the gap, and breakthrough came!

One of our hosts saw a 30 foot tall warrior angel come into the room as they prayed. The war was won in the spirit! As I continued preaching the crystal clear Gospel message, the Holy Spirit swept through the room, and the presence of God began to work in people powerfully! I gave the call for salvation, and hundreds of people responded, including those in lives of prostitution, a pimp, homosexuality, drug addiction, and so much more! Hallelujah!

We then heard wonderful miracles take place including:

  • A man unable to function on the left side of his body, due to a blood clot, received a healing! His symptoms were similar to paralysis for the last 8 months. He wept on the platform as we were interviewing, and he thanked God for the healing!

  • A woman suffering from hip pain was healed.

  • A member of our team, who had suffered from migraines for 33 years, received a powerful touch from the Lord. He was healed in Jesus name!

  • Jason Corbit ministered to a 3-year-old girl unable to walk due to a rare condition. She began walking for the first time! Her mother was completely shocked!

  • Jim Killion ministered to a 19-year-old boy, demon-possessed, who was lying limp on the ground and unable to walk. After praying for him, the demon left, and the boy received healing! He left walking, and his countenance had completely changed!

  • And this is just a small taste of the many stories we heard! All glory to Jesus!

I often travel alone, or with Joshua, to these nations as we minister the Gospel. But I have to tell you, having this incredible and sacrificial team with us, is something I could get used to. Each member of this team has given their all!

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I’ll come to you tomorrow with our final report from here in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of this team evangelism trip!

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God bless you,

Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI Evangelism team

Caleb Wampler