Grand Finale – Colombia, Peru, Brazil

We’ve concluded the final night of the Gospel campaign here, and hundreds more responded to the Gospel! I’ll come back to you soon with the report of how many people came to Christ and with an incredible highlight video from this trip!

Our two media guys, Danilo Maia and Taylor Jameson, have went above the call of duty to capture stunning footage of this entire trip, from all 15 people on our team. Stay tuned for the exciting release next week!

WATCH my recap video here from our final day.

We spent our final day with a morning excursion over to Monkey Island, for one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. And I wasn’t alone! Our team experienced something pretty special as dozens of monkeys crawled all over the bodies, shoulders, and heads of our team! If you missed the hilarious moment when they blitzed me during my recording, watch here.

We headed back to the hotel to grab a quick meal, before heading over to the children’s crusade in the afternoon! Seth Blum and Norine Hodder led the children in some exciting displays of song and art, challenging the kids to memorize scripture, and to learn that God is truly doing something special in their lives. I ministered a Gospel message, and more than 1,000 kids gave their hearts to Jesus! There was even a pretty cool moment where a 5 year old child was brought up to preach a sermon to the kids! I don’t know if I’d ever seen anything like it. That little boy will be preaching for a long time!

As we entered into the final crusade service, there was a great anticipation for a move of God. And friends, He showed up and showed off! Hundreds more people flooded the altars to respond in salvation. Here are some of the stories:

  • A married couple received deliverance ministry after giving their lives to Jesus. They both fell down under God’s power and came up with a completely different countenance!

  • A man with shoulder, back, and knee pain, received healing from all 3 problems! He was ecstatic as he thanked God for healing!

  • A young girl was set free from demonic oppression. In fact, this was the first time Ruben Valdez, one of our teammates, had ever watched a deliverance happen while praying for someone. Pretty special!

  • A man named Roberto, walked into the crusade having never been to any type of church or church event in his life. He encountered the presence of God, gave his life to Jesus, and heard God speak to him about reconciling to his wife and family. It was such a beautiful moment to watch his salvation encounter.

  • A woman, who was healed in yesterday’s service of sleeplessness, was able to have her first full night of sleep in more than a year. She testified that she felt God’s powerful touch as she prayed for this miracle in the crusade. She went home and awoke the next morning amazed!

  • A young man had lost his sight around 12 years old. He hadn’t been able to read anything, and he would get made fun of by his friends because he couldn’t read the chalkboard in class. He felt lost and alone. As I ministered on Blind Bartimaeus, he believed that he could also see. During the prayer for healing, he saw bright lights coming into his eyes. Norine Hodder prayed over him, and he felt ”power” on his body and realized that his sight came back! He demonstrated his healing reading the 23rd Psalm on the platform!

  • And so much more!

If you missed some of the amazing videos, pictures, miracle stories, and testimonies from this week, check them out here: Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, and Update 4.

This weekend, I will be headed to North Dakota and Nebraska for 3 conferences over the next 2 weeks. Please pray with me for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Internationally, we turn our attention towards South Asia for our November crusade. We are expecting north of 90,000 people to attend a 3 night Gospel crusade. In this specific country, many missionaries have been blacklisted and deported. We are in need of strategic prayer and intercession! Will you join me?

Out of this crusade, we will plant 50 churches in villages across the region. In fact, for only $1,000, you, your church, your business, or your foundation can plant a church! I’ve already received 5 verbal commitments to plant a church! There are 45 more spots available! After the crusade, the new converts will be ushered into these new churches and into the existing participating churches! We will also be training the Pastors in a conference as well!

If the Lord moves you to partner with what He’s doing in Asia, you can invest here.

I want to once again thank all of our American team, who invested 8 days of their lives into the people of Colombia, Peru, and Brazil: Joshua Smith, Chadd Hollerich, Sheila Heiser, Norine Hodder, Jim Killion, Dave Neiman, Ruben Valdez, Jason Corbit, Seth Blum, Mike Schoen, Jason Christensen, Josh Pratt, Danilo Maia, and Taylor Jameson.


Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI team

Caleb Wampler