15 Americans arrive in Colombia!!!

Greetings from Leticia, Colombia! Our entire team has arrived, and what a journey it has been! 14 other Americans have joined me from across the nation in California, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Florida. We are praying for a powerful week in His presence, and I’d like to ask all of you to pray for our team.

Here are the members of the team: Joshua Smith, Chadd Hollerich, Sheila Heiser, Norine Hodder, Jim Killion, Dave Neiman, Ruben Valdez, Jason Corbit, Seth Blum, Mike Schoen, Jason Christensen, Josh Pratt, Danilo Maia, Taylor Jameson, and myself. Please take a moment and lift each one before the Lord! Pray for breakthroughs in their lives, for the Lord to use them powerfully, for signs and wonders to follow their prayers and preaching, and for the Lord to encounter their lives as never before!

Please also pray for:

  • Favor with city officials.

  • Favor as I minister on the radio to three nations.

  • The people’s hearts to be prepared to receive the Gospel. For salvation to come to many in these three countries.

  • Signs, wonders, healings, creative miracles, angelic visitation.

  • The enemies plan to be confused, divided, and defeated.

  • Creativity for our media team as we capture the stories, photos, testimonies, and videos of the gospel campaign, and as they capture the amazing stories of each of our team members.

  • Wisdom, insight, revelation, and guidance from Holy Spirit.

  • For the street ministry taking place each afternoon.

  • Financial Breakthrough!

We also need a major financial breakthrough! Please pray with us! As it stands, we still need $26,000 to fully fund this current Gospel campaign here in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. We also thank the Lord for the provision that He has provided! We are trusting the Lord to provide this while we are here in the country. This is a major prayer need!

There is still a need of $108,552 to fund 2019’s crusade budget. 130,000 people conservatively will hear the Gospel in 6 countries, and 4 continents.

If the Lord prompts you to help us to fully fund our Colombia gospel campaign and other remaining crusades, click here.

You can also sow by mail here:

Kingdom Encounters International
c/o Caleb Wampler
PO BOX 450995
Kissimmee, FL 34745

This week, our team will minister to Pastors/Leaders from the Amazon region each morning, minister in the streets each afternoon, with the crusade happening each night. We honor you our prayer and financial partners!

Many blessings to you and yours,

Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI Evangelism team

Caleb Wampler