2x2 Breakthrough!

I’m here in Colombia with our American team following an amazing 24 hours! While our team has had varying experiences, ranging from their first missions trip to being established ministers, the immersion has been incredible for every member of the team.

There have been salvations from the streets to the crusade services, and hundreds of people have already come to Jesus. The entire team is being activated in sharing their faith, prophecy, with some leading people to salvation for the very first time in their lives.

In fact, we sent the team out 2 by 2 across the village areas of Santa Rosa, Peru. Every team was able to lead at least 3 people to Christ! Others saw healings take place in the street ministry, and others shared their very first prophetic word over someone! Talk about incredible activation! This is what we prayed for and envisioned in hosting Kingdom Encounters first ever team evangelism trip!

I absolutely love how Holy Spirit directs our steps!

While doing some recordings for our newest devotional in Peru, we went to the furthest part of the village in a “tuki tuki taxi.” I saw a soccer team, with around 30 people, seated in a circle on the open field. I leaned over to our guide and said we should see if the coach will let us preach the Gospel to the team. The coach agreed! Our guide spoke only Spanish and Portuguese, and Danilo, who was with me doing the media, spoke English and Portuguese. So I preached the Gospel to the “futbol” team in English, Danilo interpreted to Portuguese, and our guide interpreted to Spanish! 3 levels of language! Hallelujah!

And the best part is, THE ENTIRE FUTBOL TEAM CAME TO JESUS, including the coach!

We are at a critical moment for funding as well. There is still a need for $25,000 to come in to fully fund this gospel campaign. A church in Nebraska is sending $1,000 from their missions budget to invest in this crusade, and they’ve asked if 24 other churches/businesses/people would be willing to match their $1,000 donation to help fund the work of the gospel here. If you’d like to give $1,000 or any amount the Lord puts on your heart, you can do so here.

Or by mail here:

Kingdom Encounters International
c/o Caleb Wampler
PO BOX 450995
Kissimmee, FL 34745

There are still 3 full days of ministry left! Please continue to pray for: Joshua Smith, Chadd Hollerich, Sheila Heiser, Norine Hodder, Jim Killion, Dave Neiman, Ruben Valdez, Jason Corbit, Seth Blum, Mike Schoen, Jason Christensen, Josh Pratt, Danilo Maia, Taylor Jameson, and myself. Pray that Jesus would break in with power, love, compassion, and demonstrate His signs and wonders in our midst. Pray for health, and pray for favor! Pray for their families who are at home as well!

Some notable testimonies include:

  • 12 people healed of shoulder issues

  • Multiple miracles from blood diseases

  • Several demonic deliverances

  • Woman, with leg pain on her left side, completely healed.

  • 2 women with tumors dissolved!

  • A team member delivered their first prophetic word of knowledge about a man with addiction. He was completely set free. The man then went and was seen telling his other biker friends that he had been delivered!

  • And so much more!!!

There’s more to come from Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. I can’t wait to tell you the continuing miracle stories from here in South America!

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI Evangelism team

Caleb Wampler