Everyone Has A Story - Colombia

The evangelism team has been stretched in so many ways over the last couple days. It’s been astounding to see the growth in each one, in just 72 hours of being in these nations.

WATCH what happened today.

All 15 people have been ministering in a variety of ways. We went into the streets of Brazil and heard of multiple salvation stories, as the Lord confirmed his word with signs and wonders. Whether it’s been ministry to pastors, business owners, community leaders, or atheists, our team has risen to the challenge. God is truly establishing His kingdom! And He’s using everyone’s individual stories and talents to do it!

Please pray against the obstacles of the enemy. Pray for the language barriers. Pray for salvations, miracles, signs, wonders, healings, and for the power of God to be demonstrated here.

There is still a need for $24,500 to come in to fully fund this gospel campaign. A church in Nebraska is sending $1,000 from their missions budget to invest in this crusade, and they’ve asked if 24 other churches/businesses/people would be willing to match their $1,000 donation to help fund the work of the gospel here. If you’d like to give $1,000 or any amount the Lord puts on your heart, you can do so here.

Or by mail here:

Kingdom Encounters International
c/o Caleb Wampler
PO BOX 450995
Kissimmee, FL 34745

There are still 2 full days of ministry left! Please continue to pray for: Joshua Smith, Chadd Hollerich, Sheila Heiser, Norine Hodder, Jim Killion, Dave Neiman, Ruben Valdez, Jason Corbit, Seth Blum, Mike Schoen, Jason Christensen, Josh Pratt, Danilo Maia, Taylor Jameson, and myself. Pray that Jesus would break in with power, love, compassion, and demonstrate his signs and wonders in our midst. Pray for health, and pray for favor! Pray for their families who are at home as well!

Take a look at what God did in the first day of ministry here.

Take a look at what God did in the second day of ministry here.

Please continue to pray for us!

Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI Evangelism team

Caleb Wampler