ORLANDO Vision Breakfast and Costa Rica Recap


I’ve just returned to Orlando following an incredible week in Costa Rica! If you didn’t hear what happened, you can watch compelling videos and see amazing pictures and miracle stories right here from the week:
Day 1 Pictures and Video.
Day 2 Pictures and Video.

Day 3 Pictures and Video.
Throughout the week we ministered to over 900 people in pastors conferences, Gospel crusade services, and local church services. Many people came to Jesus with first time salvation experiences! We heard wonderful stories of leaders and believers being baptized in the Holy Spirit. And this was only one of the 82 cities that received ministry over the weekend as a part of the larger all-country outreach. 
The blind saw, tumors vanished, pastors found renewed vision and encouragement, the lost were found, and children were exposed to a loving God! Hallelujah! 
On Sunday, I ministered in a church that typically only has 10-15 attendees. They had told me that they had never had more than around 30-35 that had attended a service in this small town. On Sunday though, more than 110 people gathered in the service! This is just a small taste of the impact of a crusade in a city. The Pastor was overwhelmed by excitement and emotion. In fact, they only had a roof that was half built on the structure. They did everything they could to put the people under the completed portion of the roof, so they could have shade for the service. Check out the pictures at the bottom of the email!
I also just confirmed our very first Vision Breakfast for Orlando, Florida on April 27th, 2019! If you are near the Florida area, or are willing to make the trip, we’d be honored by your attendance on this day. We will be casting vision for what the Lord is doing with the ministry, and will also have a time of prayer for impartation for all of those in attendance! This will truly be a special day! 
SEATING WILL BE LIMITED, and it’s necessary to REGISTER to RESERVE your FREE BREAKFAST and to hold your spot. It will be April 27that 9am. For more information or to REGISTER,
click here.
In just 48 hours, I will be boarding a plane to head to a country near the Middle East. I can’t name the country for safety reasons until returning from the trip. This country is definitely among the front lines of the Harvest! I need your prayers like never before! We are anticipating this to be our largest Gospel campaign to date, with over 60,000 people expected to be a part throughout the 5 nights of the crusade!
To sow into this gospel campaign or into Kingdom Encounters International, click here. We are also believing the Lord for monthly partners to come alongside of us. We currently have monthly partnerships ranging from $5/m to $450/m. If the Lord moves you, please consider starting your partnership today! There’s no better investment than into the fields of harvest!

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler
Together with the KEI team

Caleb Wampler