God of Miracles (Guatuso, Costa Rica - Night 3)

Jesus is wonderful! I write to you from the city of Guatuso, Costa Rica, following the final night of our Gospel campaign here. Tonight, Jesus continued to save and heal! There were so many miracles!

During the morning hours, I ministered in the final session of the Pastors Conference. 100 leaders gathered from around the region to come and receive from the Lord. The leadership team and I laid hands on every pastor that gathered. Special encounters took place! Pastors were weeping in the presence of Jesus! The Holy Spirit came upon many of them in a powerful way as they laid motionless on the ground, having visions of the Lord!

Following the conference, I felt a prompting from Holy Spirit to head into the indigenous region of the country. We drove for a while, nearly running out of gas along the way. As we climbed the mountains, the roads and trails became more and more awful. Yet, I felt the urgency to go.

Upon arriving at the very top, I was able to minister the Gospel to one of the leaders of the tribe. We also asked if they could lead us to the sick of the mountain. After an interesting journey, we were able to pray in one of the homes. We may never know the fruit of this visit on this side of eternity, but God will bring the increase!

To see my video recap, click here.

In the evening Gospel Campaign, the presence of the Lord showed up powerfully! While this is likely the smallest gospel campaign we will minister in during 2019, the pastors were overwhelmed by the nearly 400 people that gathered in the evening session. In this small town of 17,000 people, the leadership had never seen a gathering of this magnitude. The pastors received renewed hope that their city could be saved! This may have been one of the greatest miracles of the entire week!

I ministered a crystal clear Gospel message, and we, then, heard wonderful stories. Here are just a few:

  • A child received her sight back in her left eye. She had been unable to see very well from it. She was seen weeping during the prayer for miracles. When I called for those healed to come forward, she was among the first to the front. It was a truly special moment!

  • A woman with knee issues received full mobility!

  • A man with severe stomach issues came forward to give God glory. He said he was pain-free, for the first time in 3 months, after he felt a powerful and hot presence come upon him! Hallelujah!

  • A woman, who had issues in her thighs, received partial healing. We prayed twice, together, in front of the hundreds that gathered. She received a miracle in front of everyone!

  • A boy with asthma came forward with his father. He felt his chest become very, very hot, and then said he felt the presence of God on him! Praise the Lord!

  • A woman with a variety of emotional issues, due to sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and a history of problems with bitterness from her childhood, came forward to testify. She felt an overwhelming peace come upon her. She collapsed under the presence of the Lord and felt Him take all of it away!

  • A boy with stomach problems, for the past 10 days, came forward to testify. He said he felt a hand reach into His stomach and take all of the pain away! This was the mighty hand of God!

  • And these are just a few of the amazing stories from tonight!

I can’t thank you enough for standing with me in prayer this week. Thank you for investing financially, as well! The Harvest is ready!

Next week, I will begin my journey to Asia, where we are anticipating the largest Gospel campaign we’ve ever held. The local team is projecting that approximately 60,000 people will gather. They’ve been hard at work for months, in preparation. Please continue to pray for all of us. To sow financially into this Gospel campaign, click here.

If the Lord prompts you, invest today!

I honor all of you. WE are in this TOGETHER!

Caleb Wampler

Together with the KEI team

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Caleb Wampler