Jesus – Healer (Guatuso, Costa Rica - Night 2)

I come to you with excitement in my heart from Costa Rica! We just finished the second night of our Gospel campaign, and Jesus demonstrated Himself as HEALER!

  • A Venezuelan fleeing the country came to the campaign tonight. They were healed of severe knee issues, along with other pain in their back. They encountered Jesus and they received an impartation of peace for their troubled soul. It was a beautiful moment.

  • A woman in her 70’s, with pain in her back, legs, and shoulder, received complete healing. She began dancing all around the altar area in a precious moment. The people shouted as she continued dancing for over three minutes in the front!

  • A man claimed healingin his kidney. He felt heat and peace all over his body. He was rejoicing to the delight of the people!

  • One woman received healing in her neck. She hadn’t been able to rotate her head without pain for 3 months. She was weeping with joy. I then asked her to pray for the people that hadn’t received healing, and it was a special moment!

  • And so much more! 

To see my video report from tonight, click here.

One story from tonight really touched my heart.In last night’s service, I was approached by a man that wanted me to come and lay hands on his daughter. The daughter was exhausted and sleeping on the seats. She had been in the hospital for 5 consecutive days with severe stomach pain. The doctors ran a plethora of tests and were unable to diagnose the problem. They sent her away with no diagnosis and no hope. They told her there was nothing they could do for her.

The parents heard that there was a gospel campaign taking place in the city and decided to bring the daughter to the service in hopes that the young girl could receive prayer. I gladly agreed to pray for her. Tonight, the father came up to me and was very excited. He said that the girl slept through the night for the first time in a week and has had no pain the entire day. The girl was completely healed! Hallelujah!

This is just a small taste of what’s happening in the community. In the pastors conference, this morning, the leaders began praying and envisioning what it would look like to see their entire city turn to Jesus. I asked them to envision what it would look like to see no more prostitution, gangs, witchcraft, drugs, alcoholic addictions, etc. The leaders were calling out God-dreams for their cities. I believe the pastors will not be the same again!

We still have one more full day of ministry here in Costa Rica. Please continue to pray for me and the local leadership here. The best is yet to come!

I also want to cast vision for the upcoming Gospel campaign near the Middle East. I’ll be leaving for this campaign on March 1st. I’d like to ask you to consider sowing a financial seed into this Gospel campaign. We are anticipating this to be the largest gospel campaign we’ve ever done. My local team on the ground projects approximately 60,000 people will attend. It’s also the most expensive campaign we’ve ever done, costing approximately $1 per person. 

To sowa financial seed into our largest gospel campaign-to-date, click here.

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler

P.S. We are currently taking applications for our upcoming TEAM EVANGELISM TRIP to Leticia, Colombia, on October 1-8, 2019. To learn more, or to apply, click here.

Caleb Wampler