Praying for Breakthrough (Guatuso, Costa Rica - Night 1)

I write to you from Costa Rica! This is my first time here in the country and my 20th country overall!

To WATCH my video report from the first night of our Gospel campaign, click here.

It’s been quite a first 48 hours here in Costa Rica. After traveling through the twists and turns of the volcanic countryside for about four hours and fighting off car sickness, we arrived at our destination in the city of Guatuso. This town has approximately 17,000 people in it, and it’s rarely visited by foreigners. The workers of this area are mostly in the farming business, with most being for many generations!

I was invited to come and minister here as a part of a larger outreach to the entire country of Costa Rica. This weekend, 82 cities have been targeted across the nation. There are pastors/missionaries/evangelists that have traveled from across Costa Rica, and the world, to see what could happen with simultaneous outreaches taking place across the country at the same time!

In addition to the gospel campaign and pastors conference, I’ll be recording some devotionals here, on location, for our brand-new YouTube series. Keep an eye out for some inspiring videos to encourage you in your faith in the coming weeks and months. 

As I entered into the very first night of the gospel campaign, I wasn’t sure what to expect. While the leadership of the area was very excited to welcome me into the community, they’d been struggling to find breakthrough, mostly because a city-wide outreach had not been attempted in the past. Regionally, the churches have been divided along denominational lines. I was told that they were hoping I could help unite the local church around the Gospel.

I’m happy to say, that despite a smaller than expected turnout, we saw a great response to the Gospel message. The presence of God was very tangible! We also heard wonderful testimonies:

  • A man, partially blind in both eyes, received his sight back!

  • A woman with a tumor in her wrist was completely healed. She also had pain in her back, and she received full mobility!

  • A teenage girl with neck pain, due to a sports injury, received all of her mobility back. All the pain left, and she gave glory to Jesus!

  • A farmer pulled a muscle while working. He had been struggling for months with completing his work. In the meeting, he felt heat come into his body with a feeling of electricity, and all of the pain went away!

  • Several people with back, shoulder, and leg pain/injuries were healed!

  • And these are just a few!

Thank you for praying with me

The local leadership of the area has faced many strongholds here, due to severe witchcraft from the indigenous tribes. This weekend, we are praying for breakthrough. We are praying for Holy Spirit to break through the hopelessness that has permeated the thinking. We are praying for signs, wonders, healing, and miracles to invade the area. Will you join me?

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More to come from Costa Rica!

Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler