Asia – Night 2 - 3 Miracles, One Man

Another 200 people made a decision to follow Jesus tonight, with nearly all being former Muslims and Hindus. It was beautiful! We saw tremendous miracles take place as well! Here are just a few:

  • A woman, who was partially blind, received her full sight back!

  • Another woman saw improvement in her vision after previously not being able to see very well.

  • One gentleman had a serious issue about 30 years ago. His right leg locked, and he’s been unable to bend it for nearly 3 decades. He wasn’t even able to sit down without falling. Even when sitting, his leg would remain locked. Tonight, he received a full healing! It was truly wonderful! He also wasn’t able to lift his shoulder, but his full range of motion came back! There were 3 wonderful miracles in this one person! The third, and most important, is that he gave his life to Jesus!

  • A woman was in a car accident 8 months ago. She’s been in a lot of pain. She wasn’t even able to bend down and touch her toes. As her pain went away, she received a wonderful miracle. As tears streamed down her face, she not only touched her toes but began demonstrating many motions that she had been unable to do before. It was a truly special moment!

I also received word back from our first day of ministry here in the country. During one of those services, I had a word of knowledge about someone who had a deviated septum, which was being healed at that moment in the service. This person wrote to me, telling of their miracle! They said they hadn’t come forward to testify because they were in the balcony. Praise the Lord!
Please continue to intercede for us! We are only 2 days into this 7-day campaign. We are expecting a great harvest! Please pray for the lost to be drawn into the services.

We ministered to 950 people throughout the day, and another 100 people signified healing in their bodies! Hallelujah!
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The best is yet to come,
Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler