Asia – Night 1 - He left his walking stick

We’ve just concluded the first night of our 7-night Gospel campaign in South Asia. There will be many stories to tell, but I’d like to ask you to continue to intercede for us. Some of you may even feel a prompting to fast.
The spiritual climate was very evident. We encountered interesting physical ailments, demoniacs, and generational curses. The people in this church just completed a 21-day fast, and we are praying for incredible breakthroughs throughout the week. Will you join me in interceding for the unreached of this region and for a great harvest this week?
I ministered a pure Gospel message before asking the people to respond to what they had heard. Then, Evangelist Renae Pilsing prayed for the sick, and the testimonies that came in were so precious!

To see my short video update from tonight click here.
Tonight, 203 precious people made a decision to follow Jesus in a crowd of 800 people! Over 100 people also noted a healing in their bodies! This was a great start to the campaign. There were many curious people that came to see what was going on. As word spreads through the community, we are praying that the miracles taking place create a buzz in the city. We are praying that in turn, this will bring in the lost to hear about Jesus!
Here are some of the testimonies:

  • A man, unable to walk without a walking stick for 4 years, received total healing in his body. He walked across the platform and left the walking stick there because he didn’t need it anymore!

  • A woman with night blindness received her sight back. She demonstrated her healing to the glory of God!

  • A man, who works in the church facility, had an injury from a vehicle accident years ago. He has had pain ever since and walked with a limp. Tonight, Jesus touched him, and he was completely healed!

  • We also heard stories of those healed of neck and back injuries!

  • And more!

Please pray for:

  • Breakthrough in the spiritual realms.

  • Curses to be broken, demoniacs to be delivered, and discerning of spirits for the team.

  • Angels to surround our every step.

  • For us to be blinded to those who would mean to do us harm, and for favor with local leaders.

  • Wisdom.

  • The Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon the believers of this region.

  • Great harvest.

  • Health for the team.

  • Demonstration to accompany the preaching of the Gospel.

  • And whatever the Lord puts on your heart! 

Together in the Harvest,
Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler