Blind Eyes Open…For Six People! (Asia Nights 3 and 4)

Miracles, Signs, Wonders, and Healings are happening all around. WATCH the video at the top of this blog to see some of the amazing footage. The Lord is moving powerfully in our midst. It’s truly a holy moment for so many precious people.
While seeking the Lord during the afternoon prayer time, I had a vision of how He wanted to heal the sick in the evening. After the wonderful call for salvation from Evangelist Renae Pilsing, I asked all of the sick people to come forward to the center area. We then circled around them with the hundreds of people gathered, with arms extended towards those needing healing. In the vision, I saw the light from heaven hitting the circle of sick people. While we began praying I heard, in the spirit, to call for those blind in one of their eyes to come to the side. Three people made their way forward before a fourth person eventually joined them. ALL FOUR OF THE PEOPLE RECEIVED THEIR SIGHT! There were also two others yesterday who received their sight as well!
In yesterday’s meeting, a man, completely MUTE and with mental illness, had an amazing encounter. He was laying on the floor under the power of God. After 45 minutes, he sat right up and began to speak, completely in his right mind!
One woman, who had been partially paralyzed on her left side of the body, was healed completely. She is a Hindu woman who still has not accepted Jesus. This just shows the wonderful love of the Lord to heal those who have not even come to Him. Please continue to pray for her to find Jesus this week.

  • A man deaf in one ear can now hear.

  • Multiple people with back and shoulder pain are now completely healed.

  • A woman received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit after seeking it for more than a decade.

  • At least 5 people have been delivered from demons, some with much warfare.

  • There were even some who had trouble walking, who received strength in their legs to begin walking!

  • In yesterday’s meeting, a woman, who was struggling to walk, came forward with tuberculosis. She received prayers from various people, and then she went home in the evening. This morning, she took her pills and began getting really sick from the pills. Her body was quickened, and she realized that she was healed from tuberculosis with no need for the medication!

  • A woman, in the prayer line, testified of her tumor disappearing!

  • These are only a few of the miracles!

I’d like to urgently request for those of you who are prompted to fast one or more days this weekend. We have three days left to cast the nets for salvation. There are some demonic strongholds that are holding on for dear life right now. It’s necessary for a breakthrough. Will you join me?
I’d like to also ask for you to consider partnering monthly with Kingdom Encounters International. We currently stand at 51% funding in our monthly funding. Will you help us reach the unreached globally with your monthly investment of any amount the Lord puts on your heart? People are finding Jesus because of it! To partner, click here.
If you’ve already done this, Harmonee and I extend gratitude from the bottom of our hearts! We love you!
Caleb Wampler
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Caleb Wampler