They Believed (Asia - Night 5)

Today was a special day of empowerment. The best way I know how to summarize it is in one phrase, “they believed!”
You can see my brief update here with special footage from tonight!
During the believers' session in the morning, I ministered to about 400 believers. The Holy Spirit changed my message, and I went completely off of the notes I had prepared. I spoke on the empowerment that comes from the Holy Spirit. I taught how the Holy Spirit doesn’t come to make us feel good in services, to feel “goosebumps," or to get a special warm and “electrifying” touch. I taught how He comes to empower us to witness, and how the giftings are released as tools in our tool belt to advance the Kingdom of God into the earth. I compelled them with a special challenge to “be the kingdom” everywhere they go, and to stand in the gap for their city.
I made a special emphasis that the Kingdom of God will be released through “signs accompanying those that believe” (Mark 16:17-20), and how their city is not going to be won through a leader in a church building. Rather, it will be won through all of them (the church) releasing the kingdom…through believing. 
After I preached a crystal-clear Gospel message, there was a wonderful response. Evangelist Renae Pilsing, unaware of my morning message, then gave a wonderful illustration of how the anointing flows from the top down. She commissioned the believers that healing would come through those that believe. Hands were then laid upon each of the church leaders, and they were sent out to pray for the sick.
Through this powerful moment of Spirit-led unity, the believers had the opportunity to put the Word into practice. We then heard wonderful miracles! All of these miracles happened through the local believers laying hands on the sick!

  • A man, with a tumor in his throat, was unable to swallow. The tumor dissolved, and he demonstrated his healing by eating crackers on the platform.

  • A woman struggling to walk began to walk in faith.

  • A man with leg pain, due to a tumor in his leg, was set free. The tumor dissolved, and all pain went away.

  • A demon-possessed girl was set free. She was unable to say the name of Jesus. She was told by family members that she would be cursed if she said His name. Even when she would try, the demons would not allow her to. She was delivered and said the name of Jesus from the platform.

The best way to summarize today, was “THEY BELIEVED.” The believers got ahold of a wonderful breakthrough. I’m believing that this is what we had been praying for!
Please continue to intercede for us! The best is yet to come!
Together in the Harvest,
Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler