So Many Stories (Asia – Nights 6 and 7)

The last two days have been tremendous! In the last two days, our team ministered to over 7,500 people. All heard Gospel messages, with many having hands laid on them for impartation, healing, deliverance, and blessing. 
Evangelist Renae Pilsing and I rotated the ministry sessions across two crusade services, two Sunday services, a women’s conference, and a businessmen’s conference. We were excited to have our other trip participants, Jill Jackson and Trent Warren, minister as well. Trent, our photographer for the trip, actually preached his first sermon, an exciting moment indeed!
As we look to the future, we are excited to think about the possibilities of bringing a ministry team back to this location for a future Gospel campaign and evangelism team trip. If you’d be interested, please email me so I can gauge the interest level.
The stories continue to flood in:

  • I had a prophetic word, from the platform, of a 16-year-old boy in the room who was called to be a pastor. Nobody responded when I asked. Later, at the altar, a 16-year-old boy came up to me and confirmed that he was the one. We prayed for impartation over this boy!

  • Multiple demonic deliverances took place. While our team certainly did pray for many people, it was exciting to watch the local believers dive into the front lines and pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ! This was a powerful revelation on the week! The groundwork has been laid for a powerful future of harvest!

  • Another blind man received sight!

  • Two more people, paralyzed on one side of their bodies, received movement back to their bodies (both in the arms and legs).

  • Several people commented about receiving emotional healing from tremendous baggage in their lives.

  • A woman, with swelling in her stomach for 10 years, had it dissipate!

  • A politician was suffering a burning sensation throughout his body. He had sought out many witchdoctors to help him. The result was him becoming demonically possessed. Evangelist Renae Pilsing then prayed for him during the miracle time, and he was set free!

  • Yet another tumor dissipated off of a precious older lady.

  • Yet another woman unable to walk began walking!

I’ll write to you soon with an update from the results of this week of ministry! Thank you for sending us! South Asia will never be the same! I’m off to the airport now for the 30+ hours of travel home.
Many blessings,
Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler