FIELD UPDATE: Arrival near the Middle East


I’ve safely arrived in Asia for the Gospel campaign that will begin tonight. Many of you will receive this message as you are waking up. That’s about the time that I will be preaching the Gospel in the first night of the campaign here. PLEASE PRAY RIGHT NOW. Thousands are projected to attend with the overwhelming majority never having heard of the wonderful name of Jesus.

I also wanted to quickly say THANK YOU. The funds for the Gospel campaign have all come in! It was a last-minute MIRACLE. So many of you invested into this with your finances. Tonight, as I preach the Gospel, you will be preaching it WITH ME because of your GIVING.

Here are some quick prayer points:

·      Pray for the Holy Spirit to prompt everyone here in attendance to respond to the preaching of the Gospel.

·      Pray for the weather issues to be pushed back. There has been a heavy fog and heavy smog lingering over the region. I’m told this is extremely unusual and it has caused many issues already.

·      Pray for health and safety for the entire team here.

·      Pray for favor with the city and regional leaders.

·      Pray for plans of the enemy to be thwarted.

·      Pray for my amazing family back home. Pray for health, wisdom, and for extra strength for Harmonee who is managing many details at the moment.

Also, last night was the first three sessions of the Pastor/Leader conference. 200 people gathered and many miracles took place. There were even 5 people who gave their life to Jesus for the first time (yes at a leaders conference). This is why it’s always important to cast the nets for salvation! We saw 40 wonderful healings take place with over 50 leaders that received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time as well!

I’ll keep you updated from the field as wifi allows. Also keep an eye on my Facebook page, as I will be posting updates there as well.

Together in the Harvest,

Caleb and Harmonee Wampler