God of Miracles - Brazil

We’ve just finished up the second leg of our trip in the São Paulo area of Brazil. The best way I can describe it, is to say that He is truly the God of Miracles!

 WATCH my video update recapping some powerful stories from our journey!

Also, if you missed my other two updates from Brazil, you can watch the amazing video footage and see the pictures here:

Arrival in Brazil – Amazing MIRACLES already!


 We heard many testimonies over the last few days!

 •  Multiple women claimed cancerous tumors had dissolved. They’re set to go to the doctors as they are believing they are cancer free!

•  A woman with a tumor in her hand completely dissolved.

•  A man received a prophetic word that his knee had been completely healed. When he heard me say this, he believed and said God that’s for me. In that moment, an intense heat entered his knees, and he stood up completely healed.

•  Dozens more have reported having visions of Jesus over the last few days! He’s appearing to people at a rate I’ve never seen before. It’s so beautiful as each describes him differently, yet the same! He’s so unique and special!

•  A woman, with joint pain in her neck, back, and shoulder, was completely healed.

•  A woman received a prophetic word that her wrist was healed at that instant. She said an electricity type feeling went through her whole body as the power of God touched her. She had been in an accident years before and had lived in pain the entire time. Jesus is amazing!

•  And so much more!

 People have been gathering for nearly 2 hours after the services waiting for prayer, for healing, prophetic ministry, and general prayer. The hunger here is astounding!

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We now turn our eyes to the final three days of this trip. We are anticipating over 5,000 people to gather over three days of a revival conference. Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! We will also check out some potential sites for future gospel crusades as well! We will also be shooting several more videos! There is much to do!

We need your prayers!


You’re a blessing,

Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler