Arrival in Brazil – Amazing MIRACLES already!

We’ve only just arrived, and yet crazy breakthrough is already happening. WATCH my video report right here! I share two amazing miracles that have already took place. They actually both brought me to tears as I thanked the Lord for them!

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In fact, another miracle happened after I recorded this initial video. I felt drawn to walk into the audience following the service to pray for someone. I laid eyes on a woman in her 60’s with her head down. I went up to her to lay hands on her, and at the moment of contact, she went into a vision of Jesus! 

She began weeping and saw an inferno of fiery love enveloping her as in the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel Ch. 3 in the Bible. As the fire was enveloping her, she felt all types of issues that she was facing disappear into ash! She said she was captured in the fire but wasn’t burning just like in the story!

As if this wasn’t cool enough, another amazing thing happened to her! As I prayed, she understood everything I prayed IN ENGLISH! She doesn’t know one word of English! Supernaturally, she understood what I prayed! A miracle of languages and tongues at a whole new level!


Please pray for us right now! As you receive this, we are heading into another service. In fact, we have services lined up 1-2 times per day throughout the whole trip! People are already encountering Jesus at incredible levels. Salvation, healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, miracles, angels on assignment, and so much more are already taking place! 


TOGETHER in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler