The Hairs on Her Arms Stood Up!

I am writing to you with incredible excitement over all the Lord did in the Philippines. We are so excited to return in April of 2020 for a Gospel campaign there. Before we ever get to that, we will be in 12 countries in the next 12 months, ministering the Gospel to over 350,000 people! Hallelujah! Take a look at our events page on our website to see when I’ll be coming to an area near you.

Joshua, and his family,have arrived into the great state of Florida as well! They are doing all they can to get settled. We would appreciate your prayers. This is a strategic time for their family.
While in the Philippines, I recorded an amazing video regarding one of the more intense nights of spiritual warfare we’ve faced to date. Your intercession really made a difference!

When we completed the video, I showed it to Harmonee, and the hairs on her arms stood up! During the video, you’ll hear audio from the service. You’ll hear demons fleeingfrom people one by one. It’s amazing that the audio could even be heard,since it came through the lapel mic I was wearing. One by one, the strongholds of darkness were broken! People were set free because of the LOVE and POWER of our Lord and Savior, JESUS!
WATCH and LISTEN to this video, and let it stir your faith for a breakthrough in your own life!
Together in the Harvest,
Caleb Wampler

If you missed any of the updates from the Philippines, including pictures and video, you can check them out here:
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Please remember to pray for us in the following ways:

  • As the Lord leads you.

  • For the Smith family to find the right home, and rightemployment opportunity for Joshua’s wife, Alicia.

  • The remaining $145,000 to fund our 2019 Vision, including ministry in 9 additional countries to over 260,000 people. To invest, click here.

  • Wisdom.

  • For eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • For revelation to come from the Lord, as I spend time at a prayer retreat this week.

  • A full-time personal assistant, and funds to hire them.

  • A full-time media person, and funds to hire them.

  • For the Lord to prepare the Brazilian people who I will be ministering to in July over a 17-day ministry trip.

  • Monthly Partners – Caleb is currently 77% funded in personal support budget, and Joshua is currently 31% funded in personal support budget. To invest, click here.

  • Expansion of kingdom authority.

  • Increase in favor.

  • Personal Request: for the retirement of our college school debt, our only remaining debt!

  • Personal Request: for the Lord to release the house He’s placed in our hearts for this new season.

Caleb Wampler