FULL OF GLORY! (South Asia - FINAL Night)

We hardly had a chance to stop and take a break today. It was action packed and FULL OF GLORY!
We began the day by heading to a morning ceremony, where we dedicated a water well as a part of the Gospel campaign. The location was strategically placed just minutes from our Gospel campaign meeting and next to a Christian church. As people from the local villages come here, it will always be a reminder of how the Lord gave them LIVING WATER this week!
This water well and system was donated by Southridge Church of Papillion, Nebraska, under the leadership of Pastor Troy and Jennifer Vandament. I want to extend a special thank you to all of our friends at Southridge Church. You’ll see some of the footage of this in our VIDEO report from the final day.
WATCH all that happened on the FINAL day here.
After the water well dedication, I ministered in a morning service at a local church. The presence of God fell upon the people so powerfully. I commissioned our entire team to go and lay hands on all of the people who had gathered. What happened next was hard to put into words. 
It was as if Holy Spirit himself began to lay hands on the people. Healings, signs, wonders, and miracles followed. With each touch from the team, it was as if people were being hit by a tidal wave of glory! Tumors vanished, people were laughing and crying simultaneously under the influence of His glorious touch, and others received callings into ministry! I took a quick video on my phone. This will give you a small taste of what it was like.
It was so special to see this church with more than 200 hundred people in it. It normally ran between 30-50 people on any given Sunday. But this is just another example of what a Gospel crusade does in a city. The pastors were reporting such amazing results in services all around the area following the crusade! Hallelujah!
As we arrived at the evening crusade service, we were excited and expectant. I preached with a hunger in my heart to see every person who had come, receive an encounter with Jesus! When I asked the people to respond, nearly all of them did! 
I then gave a quick teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I asked the people to lift their hands to heaven and to ask Jesus to baptize them with the Spirit. As they did, thousands of people received a glorious touch!
We then heard wonderful miracles including:

  • A blind man, with no vision in one eye, received sight! He had been at the morning well ceremony and kept trying to get around Joshua and me to touch us and be healed. Jesus touched Him!

  • A woman came to the meeting very sick. Her husband said she should not come, but she said if I do, then Jesus may touch me. She was completely healed after she felt an electricity feeling shoot through her entire body!

  • A lady came with a tumor on her leg. The tumor was the size of a ping pong ball, and she was thrilled to find that the tumor was gone! She also had shoulder and back pain and was healed in those areas as well!

  • A boy was burned on his chest. During the incident, his vision was affected as well. While he was able to see, his eyes would not rotate properly, as if he had lazy eyes. During the prayer, the glory of God fell on him. His burn mark disappeared from his chest, and his eyes started to function properly! His mother was amazed!

  • A lady with shoulder pain for “many months” received healing.

  • One woman described pain over her entire body. She said it hurt “everywhere.” Now she is pain-free in Jesus’ name.

  • A woman, with throat pain for 1 year, received healing. The doctors didn’t fully understand what was causing the issues. Jesus did! Hallelujah!

  • These were just a few of the healing testimonies! There were hundreds more as well!

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Please continue to intercede for the new believers who have made a decision to follow Jesus this week!
Our team is still busy counting the decision cards from throughout the week. I look forward to writing to you very soon with the results of this campaign!
TOGETHER in the Harvest,
Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI team
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Caleb Wampler