He WALKED for the FIRST TIME! (South Asia - Night 2)

What a miraculous second night it was! Over ten thousand people gathered again to hear the glorious Gospel tonight!

To see my video from night 2, click here.

Incredible testimonies were heard as well! Here are just a few of them:

  • An 8-year-old boy walked for the very first time tonight!

  • A man, blind in one eye, received his sight back. He said that he felt heat in his body, and then it was like something fell out of his eye!

  • A man, who was demon-possessed, was set free. He was actually laid on the platform, by others, while manifesting. The demons left at the presence of the Lord!

  • A little girl had a growth above her eyebrow. It disappeared to the delight of her family!

There were also several people who made their way up, who were healed in the first night’s gospel campaign. They wanted to make sure everything “stayed healed” during the day before testifying.

  • A woman, with ongoing migraines for the last 3-4 years, said she completed her first day without a migraine in that timeframe!

  • A woman, with knee pain, testified that all her pain was gone.  She was happy that it hadn’t come back the next day but that Jesus had truly healed her.

  • Another lady, with neck pain, also went through the entire next day without pain!

  • And these were only a few of the healing testimonies!

The greatest miracle of all is salvation! I’m happy to report that tens of thousands of people have already responded to the salvation message over the first two nights! There are still 3 nights to come!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued prayers. Please continue to pray for God to confirm His word with signs and wonders. Pray for the enemy’s plans to be confused and divided. Pray for God’s mercy to touch every heart!

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Yours in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI team

Caleb Wampler