I greet you from South Asia, in a country that is considered to be 98% Muslim, on the heels of the biggest gospel campaign we’ve held to date!

WATCH this amazing video directly from the field just seconds after I casted the nets for a salvation call! The footage is absolutely stunning! WATCH HERE.

Tonight was absolutely incredible! WATCH this incredible video that I took as I was waiting in my car leading up to the moment when I first saw the crowd of people for the first time. It’s spectacular! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Tens of thousands of precious people heard the Gospel, and we heard incredible miracles take place.

  • 3 people, that said they were not able to walk for varying lengths of time, were all able to leave the meeting without any assistance!

  • Several people with varying degrees of eye problems, from being blind to partially blind, had their sight restored!

  • Demoniacs were set free all across the field, from the platform, and from the response area following the meeting.

  • A 22-year-old young lady, mute for 4 years, received her healing! In fact, she was demon possessed. When the demon was cast out, she received her speech back to the glory of God!

  • Multiple people with tumors were healed.

  • And so much more!

This is just the smallest of tastes of what happened here! I’ve cried TEARS OF JOY as the MASSES have COME TO JESUS! Over 1,100 villages were touched during this Gospel campaign, and we still have days of ministry left that will include: smaller open-air gospel meetings in areas of persecution, ministry on television and radio which has the potential to reach 72 countries, ministry to orphans, ministry to modern-day slaves, and preaching in the largest church in this country!

This is what your prayers and finances have done during this week of ministry!

Over the next few days, all that accepted Christ will be connected into churches in the villages they came from, with local Christian leaders/pastors beginning the discipleship. Please keep all of these beautiful new believers in your prayers! Every soul is so precious to God!

Our team has been busy at work, and we will have a report to you soon with the results of this gospel campaign!

We also are at a critical moment with our funding needs for the remainder of the year. Not including what is taking place right now in South Asia, we will minister in 6 more countries, on 4 continents, to over 130,000 people during the remainder of 2019. We have an immediate need of $50,000 as a part of our remaining $119,000 budget for the year.

I’d like to ask each of you to CONSIDER SOWING A FINANCIAL GIFT into reaching lost souls. We need a MIRACLE to take place. We know the GOD of MIRACLES is with us! PLEASE PRAY!

You can sow a financial gift here.

Or by mail to:

Kingdom Encounters International
c/o Caleb Wampler
Kissimmee, FL 34745

I’ll be back soon to report the incredible harvest here from South Asia!


Caleb Wampler
Together with Joshua Smith and the KEI team

Caleb Wampler