Colombia - End-Time Harvest


God is amazing! I’ve just returned from Colombia, after a week of salvation, healing, and planning for our upcoming October Crusade in Leticia, Colombia.

I’ll write back to you next week, to share more about my trip to Leticia, and to give you the opportunity to join me in Leticia, Colombia, this October! For now, I’ll focus on some of the amazing stories from this past weekend of services across Bogota!

Throughout the three weekend services, we experienced a supernatural wave of glory! There were a variety of first-time salvations in the services! It was special to watch people turn from darkness to light as the Gospel came alive!

People were healed of arthritis, shoulder pain, back injuries, hip pain, and skin diseases, just to name a few healings!

  • One woman had a complicated vision problem of seeing shadows. It would be especially hard for her to see in the evenings due to the issue. She felt a heat come into her eyes, and then she noticed all of the shadows had disappeared. She had lived this way for 2-3 years!

  • Multiple adults and teenagers had visions of Jesus, saw angels in the service, and were activated in spiritual gifts!

  • One woman mentioned feeling a fiery heat in the area of her kidney. She had been needing a new kidney as hers had been failing for some time. As I prophesied about someone in need of receiving a new kidney, this woman reached out in faith and said she fully believes the Lord gave her a new one!

  • A young woman, with severe knee pain, received healing. She hadn’t been able to bend her legs without pain, but she was doing squats on the platform!

The most incredible part of the weekend, though, was Holy Spirit’s emphasis on callings into the ministry! None of the services had an emphasis on this area, until the response time took place. As I often do during the altar ministry, I ask Holy Spirit to guide me. In all three services, I felt an overwhelming burden for the call into ministry! Over 50 people in the 3 services responded to God’s calling for their life for the ministry!

This tells me one thing! The Lord is breathing upon the need for laborers!

Luke 10:2 says, “And he said to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.’”

The end-time harvest is upon us. The Lord is raising up people that are willing to pay the price and to go! He’s looking for people willing to forsake all else and to head into the harvest with complete trust in Him. He’s looking to impart His heart for the lost into any that are willing to say YES to His calling. I pray, everyday, for God to raise up co-laborers! Will you pray with me?

In one of the services over 30 people responded to the call! Several of them came upon the platform for an impartation from Holy Spirit. I prayed, “Father, release your heart for SOULS!”

As I prayed this, several people were knocked down by the power of God without anyone laying hands on them or catching them. Six more of the people fell down on their knees and began weeping at the weight of God’s heart. Then about 8-10 people hunched over and started groaning as if they were in severe pain! They were groaning in pain for the lost people of their nations! These groans could be heard audibly in the auditorium for over 20 minutes.

One by one, Holy Spirit walked among us and imparted Himself. Jesus received the glory! The nations that these precious people have been called to, will not be the same!

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Together in the Harvest,

Caleb Wampler

Caleb Wampler